Marlins Park

Marlins Park carries the distinction of being the first MLB park using what stadium planners call a “contemporary” style. The designers wanted Marlins park to reflect Miami’s present-day culture in a way that would stay relevant to residents and timeless for baseball fans. It uses nostalgic touches of retro ballparks that opened after Camden Yards while featuring a lot of modern-day touches that help it stand out. Owner, Jeffrey Loria, who spearheaded the design, said that he wanted his building to be “different and experimental”, because he felt “…it was time for baseball to be innovative.”

The completed Marlins Park features an abstract contemporary building that combines baseball with art and the essence of Miami’s community, so that it would feel familiar, exciting, and new, no matter how often one visited.

The design for the building came about in early 2008 when Loria was in London at the same time as architects from Populous who were working on another project. The group met in a hotel lobby to discuss design ideas. Lorie described the meeting as a question and answer period where the architects asked Loria to envision his dream stadium. He mentioned he didn’t want a retro design, nor art deco, nor an excessive focus on the past. He said, “Miami is a spectacular city, looking ahead. We need to be looking forward. I’d like to see us build a great ‘contemporary’ building.”

Some of the features that sprang from this decision included, a retractable roof and outfield glass panels to help absorb heat in the roof while offering uninterrupted views of the downtown Miami skyline and allow a natural breeze when the roof was open. The venue also features a Homerun sculpture designed by Red Grooms that was 65 by 75 feet tall in the left center field wall.

The statue featured many familiar Miami sights including flamingos, seagulls, marlins, and palm trees that, when activated by Marlins home runs, would move, light up, and splash blasts of water. The venue also features an aquatic home plate backstop made from bulletproof glass and was positioned to prevent disruptions to players on the field. The ballpark also features a South Beach-themed nightclub and swimming pool, as well as a popular bobblehead museum.

There are several other unique features that this contemporary design features, but you’ll have to come out to the ballpark to discover them for yourself.

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